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This Week at Close-Up: Coen Brothers

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This Week at Close-Up: Coen Brothers
by Tom Davies - Tuesday, 22 March 2016, 12:42 PM

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Friday 25 March 8pm

Blood Simple

In Ethan and Joel Coen's first feature, Visser, an unscrupulous private eye hired by Texas bar owner Marty to murder Marty's faithless wife Abby and her paramour, Ray, one of Marty's employees. A neo-noir crime thriller full of false assumptions, guilt, and fear all leading to a frantic attempt to conceal evidence and the heart-pounding, irony-filled denouement.

Saturday 26 March 8pm

Barton Fink

The Coens’ underappreciated masterpiece of existential comedy follows the travails of a struggling 1940s playwright who is enticed to the Californian hills by the promise of the movies, only to discover the torturous nature of Tinseltown. A film of twisted comedic angst and a desperate search for meaning, embodied by a rarely better John Turturro.

Sunday 27 March 6pm


Car salesman Jerry Lundegaard hires low-lifes Carl and Gaear to kidnap his wife, hoping that her wealthy father will pay a ransom from which Jerry can cream a share. Joel and Ethan Coen's beguiling classic is both very funny and very moving.

Sunday 27 March 8pm

No Country for Old Men

West Texas, 1980. Out hunting deer in the desert down by the Mexican border, Vietnam veteran Llewelyn Moss happens on a heap of carnage: torn-apart trucks, corpses of men and dogs, the bloody bodies of others who’d be better off dead, and a case packed with cash: about $2 million.